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Why Live With Your Old, Worn, Bent, Out-of-Spec or Damaged Op Rod?

op rod repair services

We have the experience and skill to rebuild your M1-Garand op rod to factory new specs.
We can also build new or repair "Tanker" Garand op rods,
as well as rebuild M-14 and M1 Carbine op rod guide lugs.

It's an Easy Fix!
Simply ship your op rod to us.

(We highly recommend insuring for full replacement value.)

We will inspect it on all points and provide you with our recommended repairs,
along with a total cost including insured return shipping.
The decision is yours as to which services you would like to have performed.

Click here to download an order form to start the process.



$42.00 ~ Piston tip, standard replacement (M1 & M1 "Tanker" Garand, Beretta BM-59)

$68.00 ~ Piston tip, extended length (M1 Garand)

$42.00 ~ Receiver guide lug rebuild (M1, M1 "Tanker", M1-Carbine & M14, Beretta BM-59)

$22.00 ~ Bolt cam slot tip repair (M1, M1 "Tanker", M1-Carbine & M14, Beretta BM-59)

$18.00 ~ Gauge check, Straightening and Tilt Test, following repairs.
(This service will always be performed when mechanical repairs are made to an M1 Garand, or M1 "Tanker" op rod. This service is not available for the other types at this time.)

$42.00 ~ Gauge check, Straightening and Tilt Test, without other repairs (M1 & M1 "Tanker" Garand op rod only)

$105.00 ~ 1st or 2nd oversize hone out-of-spec gas cylinder supplied, and install new piston tip on op rod supplied, to match (M1 & M1 "Tanker")

$110.00 ~ Build "Tanker" M1 op rod from supplied Standard M1 op rod
(Op rods supplied for conversion will need to be evaluated for other repairs. Other recommended repairs will be in addition to this charge to convert a standard op rod into a “Tanker”.)

$18.00 ~ Return Shipping (Returned via UPS or USPS.  Insured for $250 per op rod.  More than one op rod may incur additional cost.)

For guide lug rebuilds, there will be a minimal visibly affected area of Parkerizing. When your rifle is assembled, this is visible to the very rear of the rod where the handle meets the guide lug and is from final hand finishing of the machining. There will be other areas of the Parkerizing affected, but they are to the inside toward the receiver and the very bottom toward the guide lug slot. We do not currently offer Parkerizing services.

Prices may change. Please refer to our website for most current pricing.


Please feel free to contact Mike Stacey if you would like more information.

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