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Shooters' Tools, Gauges and Accessories

Our products may be purchased by contacting one of the companies listed at the bottom of this page.
Please contact us for special dealer/distributor quantity pricing.

We can also assist you with realizing the custom parts you've imagined. Click here for more information.

This section of our site is still under construction. More details about these products will be available soon.

Springfield 1903-A3 breechbore or 03-A3 throadt erosion gauge
Item No. 03A3-TE
(2 pcs.)
MSRP: $ 96.00
breechbore gage

08/15 Maxim barrel sleeve
Item No. 0815-BSLV

75.50barrel sleeve


Muzzle gauge (.30 cal)
Item No. 30-MZ
$ 43.00

muzzle gage

50BMG throat erosion gauge
(.50 cal)


Item No. 50-TE

$ 125.00 BMG throat erosion gage

AR-15 (M16) throat erosion (.223), non-chrome lined bore
Item No. AR15-TE


AR 15 throat eroson gage

M1 front sight gauge
Item No. M1-FS

$ 24.95

front sight gage

M1 gas cylinder gauge
Item No. M1-GC

MSRP: $ 215.00
gas cylinder gage

M1 gas valve hold open tool
Item No. M1-GVT

MSRP: $ 16.50


<< no photo available >>

M1 op rod piston gauge
Item No. M1-ORP

MSRP: $ 63.00
op rod piston gage

M1 rear sight pinion toolkit
Item No. M1-RSP

$ 80.00

rear sight pinion

M1 spline alignment block
Item No. M1-SAB

MSRP: $ 175.00

spine alignment

M1 timing block (no cross holes)
Item No. M1-TBS
MSRP: $ 154.00
Item No. M1-TBD (Delrin)
MSRP: $ 87.00
timing block

M1 throat erosion gauge
Item No. M1-TE

$ 96.00

M1 throat erosion gage

M14 flash suppressor
alignment tool
Item No. M14-FSA

MSRP: $ 79.50
flash suppressor

M14 throat erosion gauge
Item No. M14-TE

$ 96.00

M14 throat erosion gage

M1A scope mount bolt
Item No. M1A-SMB

MSRP: $ 36.00

scope mount bolt

M1 Carbine gas cylinder reconditioning tool
Item No. M1C-GCR

$ 225.00

carbine tool

MG34 carry handle
IItem No. MG34-CH

MSRP: $120.00
MG34 carry handle

MG34 / MG42 / 1908 / 08/15 Maxim
booster soaking can
Item No. MG34-SC
Item No. MG42-SC
Item No. 1908-SC (1908 Maxim)
Item No. 0815-SC (08/15 Maxim)
MSRP: $ 79.00
MG42 soaking can


Custom Parts and Accessories

With our knowledge and expertise about shooting sports, and a product design background as well as an engineer on our team, we not only have the capability, but we have the sensitivity to create the custom parts you've always imagined.

On the right, is a custom scope cover developed for one of our customers.

Please contact us to discuss your special project.

custom scope cover

Where to Purchase
Many of our products may be purchased through the retailers listed below.
We recommend you visit our partner sites, as they have many other items of interest.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Not every item we produce is available thru every retailer.
If you are unable to locate an item, please contact us.

Amherst Depot
(941) 475-2020

AmmoGarand - Pack Rats Collectibles
P.O. Box 2133
Greer, SC 29652-2133

Fulton Armory
(301) 490-9485

Windy City Sourcing Inc
P.O. Box 581
Itasca, IL 60143
(847) 980-2916

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